What a day!

Primary 1MC

What a super day we had at Belfield Park today! The children had a great time and were so well behaved! A big thank you to our Primary 7 buddies who were super sweet to the Primary 1’s, looked after them, played with them and generally did everything the Primary 1’s wanted them to do!! Also a huge thank you to our Mum helpers – without parental support these trips are impossible so thank you for giving up your time. Have a wee look at our photos and remember to leave us a comment!

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I hope that you all had a great 2 days at Millburn. I bet you are tired tonight! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Remember that we are off to Bellfield Park tomorrow with our P1 buddies. You will need:

  • a packed lunch
  • money for the shop (if you want)
  • comfortable shoes
  • suitable clothing (keep an eye on the weather)